Stress & PTSD

Stress and PTSD are much more than issues that involve your mental health. They can also cause physical problems as well. High levels of stress, especially those associated with PTSD, can result in long-term, chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Treating the physical aspects of stress and PTSD is only part of the solution. It's essential to address the true cause of your stress and PTSD. If the cause isn't identified and managed, the physical symptoms will continue. We at New Hartford Chiropractic Center, serving Utica, NY, New Hartford, NY, and the surrounding areas, are here to help.


Understanding the Effects of Stress & PTSD

Stress and PTSD are not physical injuries, but they can cause serious health issues if not managed in a healthy manner. Learning how to cope with stress can be a challenge. After a traumatic event occurs, it will take time for you to overcome the experience and begin to move forward. Both stress and PTSD can lead to depression and anxiety. They can also cause disturbances in your digestive and endocrine systems to the point where physical damage begins to occur within your body. Working with a mental health professional and a chiropractor on our team can help you sort through your physical and emotional upset and get you back on track.

Creating a Healthy Environment

It can be essential to create a healthy environment where you feel safe and comfortable. Set boundaries for yourself at your work and at home. It's important to maintain your health and well-being. You have to make your health. Allow yourself time each day to have a few minutes alone to calm down if you start to feel your stress and anxiety start to build. Positive thinking and taking mental health breaks as needed are a must if you are trying to maintain a healthy environment. 

Chiropractic Care & Stress Management

The strain that stress and PTSD puts on the body can create physical issues such as tight, stiff muscles and chronic pain. Creating a chiropractic care and stress management plan can be a good way to manage your stress and minimize the effects it has on both your body and mind. Establishing and maintaining the body's natural balance can help create a path for the healing process to follow.

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