Lower Back Pain

At New Hartford Chiropractic Center in New Hartford, our experienced chiropractic professionals can provide effective and noninvasive treatment for lower back pain. We offer a variety of treatments that enable your body's natural healing powers to overcome injuries and ailments.


Lower back injuries can occur in various ways, from simply bending over and straining a muscle or connective tissue to repetitive motion injuries. Conditions such as slipped or herniated spinal discs, scoliosis, or sciatica can also contribute to lower back pain. With the multitude of potential causes, chiropractic therapies have been commonly used and proven effective in alleviating pain and promoting natural healing.

Massage Therapy Reduces Swelling and Inflammation

Our chiropractor often incorporates highly effective massage therapy with other treatments to help ease lower back pain. Soft tissue damage is a common cause of lower back pain and often leads to inflammation and swelling that puts pressure on nerve endings. This pressure can make movement painful and result in aching sensations.

Massage therapy serves as an effective treatment for lower back pain, complementing other therapies in a holistic approach. It stimulates injured soft tissues, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation and swelling, thus alleviating back pain.

Spinal Adjustment Relieves Pressure

Our experienced and highly skilled chiropractor may also perform spinal adjustments to align your back and alleviate irritation or injury to the soft spinal discs. These adjustments reduce the pressure on slipped, swollen, or herniated spinal discs, providing relief from back pain. By relieving pressure, the healing process accelerates compared to enduring the pain without intervention.

Electrostimulation Flushes Out Toxins

Electrostimulation is another commonly used treatment method that involves flooding the affected area with very low-level electrical pulses. Positive and negative electrodes are placed on your lower back, allowing electrolysis to flush out toxins and enabling red blood cells to provide oxygen and iron to the injury site. Multiple treatments encourage faster healing of damaged soft tissues and reduce inflammation in the spinal discs, ultimately leading to decreased back pain.

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