Sports Rehabilitation

Engaging in any sport brings with it a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. However, it also increases the risk of a sports injury and may result in you searching for a “sports chiropractor near me.” At New Hartford Chiropractic Center in New Hartford, NY, a sports injury chiropractor on our team can help with the many types of injuries that come about from playing sports and can help you get back on the field without surgery. Visit us for sports chiropractic care.


Why Sports Injuries Happen

It's a given that engaging in any kind of sport puts yourself at risk of injury. Sometimes, the injuries are the result of a sudden impact with a ball or another player and other times they're the result of overuse. Regardless of the cause, the end result is a need for rest, recovery, and rehabilitation in order to get back to playing at your accustomed level. 

What Is a Sports Injury?

The musculoskeletal system is made up of soft tissues and bones that work together. Sometimes, a soft tissue becomes injured and can cause you different types of pain. While the pain may be moderate to severe, it can still prevent you from performing at your peak, taking you off of the field and potentially even ruining your season.

How an Athletic Chiropractor Can Help with Your Sports Injury

An athletic chiropractor on our team is familiar with the strain that different types of sports put on the body and the injuries that happen as a result. Our team can watch how the body moves, identify the source of the issue, and proceed to help treat the condition using the appropriate chiropractic techniques. There are a number of methods, machines, and aids that the athletic chiropractor can apply to the injury but the overall goal is to help get the tissues and muscles to relax and allow for normal movement without pain. 

Get Spine and Sport Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation from a Sports Injury Chiropractor Near You

Instead of searching for a “sports chiropractor near me,” call us at our clinic in New Hartford, NY, today to learn more about how sports chiropractic treatment can help you or your child recover from a sports injury. The sooner you start the rehabilitation process with the help of a sports injury chiropractor, the sooner you may be able to get back to full health and enjoy your chosen sport once again. Call us at (315) 738-1800 for spine and sport chiropractic care and rehabilitation from a sports injury chiropractor near you. We at New Hartford Chiropractic Center are here to help.