Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves can be painful and can interfere with your ability to enjoy your daily life. Pinched nerves are a problem that can disrupt your life but are also a problem that chiropractors can help treat. At New Hartford Chiropractic Center, in New Hartford, NY, we offer treatment for various chronic pain conditions. 


Causes of a Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve can occur when a nerve is pinched or compressed. This typically happens when a joint or vertebrae in the body is out of alignment. When a part of the body is out of alignment, it can compress nerves. Other causes include arthritis, herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease.

Pinched Nerve Symptoms 

Pinched nerves typically cause pain. This pain can be in the area of the pinched nerve or it may radiate into other areas. You may have pain in your back, arm, or leg. 

You may also have numbness, tingling, or burning in your arms or legs. This can also radiate into your fingers or toes. You may also have muscle spasms, which may be triggered by the nerve irritation. In addition to back pain, you may have neck pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain. 

How Does a Chiropractor Treat a Pinched Nerve?

Our chiropractors have different ways to treat a pinched nerve. Rather than focusing only on the symptoms, we also focus on the underlying cause of the pain.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment might be the first line of treatment for a pinched nerve. This can be helpful if the pinched nerve is caused by a misalignment. A chiropractor on our team may adjust your spine and any joints that are out of alignment. 

This can help relieve your pain and other symptoms. It might also help your body to function properly and potentially reduce your risk of injury in the future. 

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression can help if you have a pinched nerve in the spine or sciatica. A chiropractor on our team will use a special table to create negative pressure in the spine. This can allow bulging or herniated discs to return to their normal position. 

Therapeutic Exercises 

Therapeutic exercises can also help with pinched nerves. A chiropractor on our team will show you the exercises you should do and you'll continue to do them at home. These exercises can help strengthen weak muscles, improve your flexibility, and relieve the pain of a pinched nerve. 

Get Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor on Our Team for a Pinched Nerve

If you have a pinched nerve in New Hartford, NY, contact us at New Hartford Chiropractic Center. Our chiropractors have the knowledge and treatments you need to feel better. Call us at (315) 738-1800 for more information.