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Pinpointing Your Conditions Through Proper Tests

At New Hartford Chiropractic Associates, you can expect modern treatments administered with old-fashioned care.

Our local, family owned and operated clinic has been in operation for over since 1993 while our doctors have continually updated their skills and understanding. We work to incorporate the latest techniques available in order to help you find relief from pain, regain functionality, and live the best life possible.


Testing for Your Muscles' Electrical Impulses

In our clinic, you'll find that EMG (electromyogram) and NCV (nerve conduction velocity) tests are often performed together because they assess different aspects of your nerve function by recording electrical impulses.

The EMG test is conducted by inserting a thin needle into the muscles to assess their electrical activity during rest and contraction. The NCV uses surface recording electrodes to measure the speed and strength at which your nerves are sending their signals.

Various nerve orders can be diagnosed through these tests and they may be administered when the doctors suspect a pinched spinal nerve, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathies, or other conditions.


Address Dizziness and Balance Issues

Our Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems (CAPS) helps us assess balance issues, which are the number one reason for doctor visits in patients aged 65 and older. Complaints include dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, and imbalance.

In less than a minute, CAPS yields valuable information regarding a range of issues.

  • Falling risks
  • Direction of sway
  • Limits of stability
  • Fatigue
  • Adaptability

When you stand on the sophisticated and sensitive CAPS platform, it measures the otherwise imperceptible movements you make as you stand. The doctors will then compare your stability to normal age and gender-matched data to help determine health management options for your situation.

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