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Visit New Hartford Chiropractic Center for Pain Relief

Welcome to New Hartford Chiropractic Center, where our experienced chiropractors are dedicated in providing you with the best care possible in New Hartford, NY, and Utica, NY. Whether it be back pain or neck problems, Dr. Dontino and Dr. Taylor will do everything they can for your satisfaction.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Chiropractors use a hands-on approach to treat patients, often involving adjustments or manipulation of the spine.
Our chiropractors use this type of treatment to help improve overall health by helping to reduce pain and help improve functionality. In addition to manual adjustments, our chiropractors may also use a variety of other techniques, such as exercise therapy, lifestyle advice, and spinal decompression.

Personalized and Friendly Care

We believe that each patient is a unique human being who deserves the highest quality of care. We go above and beyond to ensure that each patient feels cared for, welcomed, and respected. You will receive the best chiropractic service possible at New Hartford Chiropractic Center.

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The Ways New Hartford Chiropractic Center Helps Clients

Here are some of the conditions we treat and services we offer:

• Auto Accident Injuries
• Spinal Adjustment
• Spinal Decompression
• Stretching and Strengthening
• Workplace Injuries

Proven Techniques and Equipment

Dr. Dontino and Dr. Taylor apply their experience, access to new techniques, and high-quality medical equipment to give you relief from pain, regain functionality, and live the best life possible. A chiropractor on our team may use EMG to get precise information to guide chiropractic treatment. We have additional tools like the Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems (CAPS) and NCV (nerve conduction velocity) to find the root cause of your pain to target both the cause and the symptoms. Our goals are to release pain, get you back to full functionality, and then prevent the same problem from happening again.

Visit Us at New Hartford Chiropractic Center

At New Hartford Chiropractic Center, we are experienced and dedicated to providing you with the best possible care in New Hartford, NY, and Utica, NY. Whether you're experiencing back pain or neck problems, Dr. Dontino and Dr. Taylor will plan and provide treatments that can improve your overall health by reducing pain and improving functionality. Call us at (315) 738-1800 so that you can feel better soon.

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How Our Team Can Help

Our team of experts is here to make your experience high-quality so that you receive the best service in New Hartford.

Quality Services
Our staff is trained in the most up-to-date techniques and procedures to care for our patients.

Modern Equipment
We've invested in the newest equipment to deliver the best results. 

Friendly Staff
We pride ourselves on being friendly with our patients, whether you've been with us for years or are brand new.
Individual Approach
No two patients are alike. We focus on caring for the needs of each individual.

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